Blister Care and Prevention

A blister is a friction burn caused by something rubbing, usually on the foot. The best cure for a blister is prevention and we have a number of products which will help prevent and treat blisters. Compeed blister plasters are ideal for protecting the skin, particularly over areas prone to blisters such as the toes or back of the heel. Taping the foot with zinc oxide sports tape is a quick, effective and cheap way of preventing blisters. See our blister taping guide for more detailed information.

Blister Care and Prevention advice

How to apply a blister plaster:

1. Ensure the foot is dry.

2. If possible warm the blister plaster. Holding it between the the hands to warm it up before applying can help it stick.

3. Apply the plaster and hold it in place until it has stuck fast ensuring it is large enough to cover the target area.

4. Carefully pull your sock over the top to protect it or for added security apply premium zinc oxide tape over the top.

Once a blister plaster has properly stuck it should stay in place for more than 24 hours although this will depend on how wet the foot gets.

How to tape the foot to prevent blisters:

1. Ensure the foot is dry and clean.

2. Apply premium quality zinc oxide tape to the back of the heel, instep and round each toe.

3. Try to avoid tape ends finishing where pressure is likely to be applied.

4. Try to avoid overlapping strips of tape where they may rub or roll up.

Premium zinc oxide tape will stick better for longer but all tape will eventually fall of, particularly if the feet get wet. Changing socks, drying the feet and replacing tape regularly should prevent blisters.

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