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Massage Tables advice

Deciding which massage table to buy is a very personal decision. It depends on many factors such as the tables weight, material, height adjustment, accessories, use and of course cost.

Probably the most important thing to consider when purchasing a new massage table, is that it has all of the features you will need. This will depend on what treatments you offer. For example, a Reiki therapist may require reiki end panels, or a beauty therapist may need a lifting back rest. Other features to consider include arm slings, face holes, width extenders or a cable tension system.

You must then consider if your table will have to be portable, in which case you will probably want quite a lightweight model. Generally tables with an aluminum frame are more lightweight than their wooden counterparts. Anything more than 18Kg is not going to be easy to transport regularly.

You should also consider both the width and height of your new table. If you need to have good access to the client, a more narrow bed may be suitable. It is unlikely you will need to adjust the height of your couch much but if you will be using it a lot then getting the correct height for you is essential or you may end up needing treatment on the couch yourself!

Finally, consider the stability and maximum weight guidelines of your couch. If you are continually treating heavy individuals (such as rugby players) or perform treatments which require the table to also support some of your weight, it would be wise to ensure your table will be sturdy under this weight. Tables with a cable mechanism are often the most stable as when weight is applied this causes the cables to tighten, making the couch even more sturdy.

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