Wobble Boards

We have a range of wobble balance boards to aid in ankle strengthening and lower leg rehabilitation. A wobble board will strengthen ankles and restore proprioception or coordination of the ankle and foot. A 40cm wooden board is most difficult to use. Our 40cm adjustable plastic wobble board is lightweight and suitable for children, beginners and advanced use.

Wobble Boards advice

How does a wobble board work?

The body has tiny sensors all around it called proprioceptors. These send feedback to the brain on where parts of your body are. If you hold your arm out to the side and close your eyes you know where your arm is because of these proprioceptors sending signals. Proprioceptors in muscles sense the amount of stretch or contraction and the speed of contraction or stretch of a muscle.

When you sprain your ankle or suffer similar injury the proprioceptors are damaged. This is why people who suffer ankle sprains often have the injury recur again and again. Using a wobble balance board re-trains the proprioceptors restoring them to full function whilst at the same time strengthening the muscles of the lower leg. Wobble boards are also useful for rehabilitation of knee and thigh injuries where the athlete has been unable to maintain normal training.

It isn't just lower leg injuries that can benefit from using a wobble board. In particular shoulder injuries can also benefit from balance board exercises for the upper body and arms.

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