Why cyclists should run

10 Reasons For Cyclists To Run In Winter

Author: Rachel
February 14th 12:21pm
  1. Cross Training preparation for spring and the new season helps to sustain and develop cardio-vascular fitness.
  2. Time efficient when conditions or lifestyle make cycling difficult.
  3. No equipment cleaning and degreasing.
  4. Less dangerous than cycling on dark, wet, greasy or icy roads.
  5. Burns calories at a higher rate (almost 2x) so good for winter weight management.
  6. Time management achieves as much as cycling in half the time.
  7. Highly portable, so no excuse for missing training when away from home.
  8. Engages core and upper body in a workout to assist in all round fitness.
  9. Helps to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis, as it is an impact sport.
  10. Needs only little extra expense to get started e.g. a pair of running shoes.

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