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Ankle Supports

We have many varying levels of support available for ankle protection and rehabilitation, by using the filters on the left of the page to narrow your search we are confident you'll find the perfect brace for your needs.

Level 1 (or low level) supports offer mild support and are usually simple elastic or neoprene sleeves that offer compression and warmth retention for increased circulation and recovery or relief from arthritis  and are easily worn under all types of everyday shoes.
Level 2 supports offers a medium level of support, again elasticated or neoprene based for the compression and warmth, but usually have additional crossover straps that mimic the most commonly damaged ligaments of the ankle from rolling over on it. Again quite slim fitting and easily worn all day long for slight sprains.
Level 3 ankle braces have a considerable amount of rigidity to offer a high level of protection for serious sprains and ankle instability, usually preventing any lateral (rolling outwards) movement to allow for recovery after injury.

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