Knee Supports & Braces

We have a huge range of knee supports with next day delivery available on orders over £50. We have knee supports for skiing, knee supports for football and knee supports for running or use filters on the left of the page to narrow your search of our specialist sports knee braces. If you need a quality knee support we stock a large range including simple neoprene and elastic knee supports offering mild support as well as more advanced hinged knee braces. A knee sleeve is pulled on over the foot whilst a wrap around knee support wraps around the leg. A stabilized support offers a higher level of support through additional springs and straps. A hinged knee brace offers the highest level of support and has solid metal stays down the sides. Scroll down for more advice on choosing knee supports.


Knee Supports & Braces advice


Basic knee supports

A simple knee support is either elastic or neoprene and offers mild to moderate support. A simple elastic knee support is ideal for helping to reduce swelling immediately after injury and for giving minimal support when going back to training. Supports made of neoprene will help retain the bodies heat which in turn stimulates blood flow and aids the healing process. Tendon injuries in particular respond well to warmth after the acute injury stage.

Stabilized knee supports

These are suitable for moderate knee injuries and offer a higher level of support and protection and a simple knee sleeve. They will often have surgical springs sewn into the sides or cross over straps for additional support. They will be slightly more restrictive than a simple knee sleeve but will give significantly greater confidence and support.

Hinged knee braces

These offer a higher level of support still and are suitable for moderate to severe knee injuries involving ligament damage. They have solid metal supports down the sides to prevent lateral or sideways movement of the knee. Some have geared hinge systems to allow the pivot point of the support to match the pivot point of the knee as the knee bends. The advantage of a hinged knee brace is the high level of support it gives particularly laterally (or sideways). So if you have ligament damage in the knee joint and need to restrict this movement then a hinged knee brace is often recommended by Physiotherapists.

Wrap around knee supports

A wrap around support wraps around the leg rather than pulls on like a knee sleeve. The advantages of a wrap around support are that it can be easier to put on, especially if you have to take off boots. Some elderly people find it easier to put on a wrap around knee support rather then have to bend to pull one on. Some wrap around knee supports such as the Neo-G range can vary the compression. So if you require more support simply apply the support a little tighter.

Knee supports for playing football

If you play competitive football then you are unlikely to be allowed to play in anything that has solid metal parts such as in a hinged knee brace or hard exposed buckles as this could pose a danger to other players. If you are just playing a fun game with mates then this is less of an issue. The heavier the support the more protection you get but they will be more restrictive to play in. Use the filters on the left of the page to view the supports we recommend for football.

Knee supports for skiing

Pretty much any knee support can be used to ski in. Most people who buy a knee support do so because of prior knee injury, usually ligament or joint injury and require a more substantial knee brace. No knee brace can completely prevent injury, especially when skiing as the joint only needs to move a very short distance in the wrong direction to injure the ACL however a hinged knee brace can give some protection to knee ligaments. One with a geared or double pivot point is likely to provide a better fit when bending the knees whilst skiing. Use the filters on the left to view knee supports we recommend for skiing.

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