Taping & First Aid Kits

We have a range of excellent value tapes and strapping for any occasion. Different types of tape all have different functions: Zinc Oxide Tape is often white or tan coloured and is a rigid cotton tape that is tearable by hand, used for rigid strapping of a joint. Cohesive Bandage - is not sticky but will grip to the skin and itself to stay in place, has a stretch and is hand tearable - used for holding items in place. Elastic Adhesive Bandage or EAB is a stretchy fabric tape that requires scissors, often an off white with a stripe down the centre to get even overlapping it is used for taping joints but with the stretch allows movement still. Kinesiology Tape is brightly coloured and is placed is certain waves or stripes to assist with the joint and its recovery.

In addition to this, we stock a range of pre-assembled First Aid Kits in varying sizes and HSE Compliant First Aid Kits. These can be used as a personal first aid kit for in the home, or for a club or sports team. First aid kits should only contain contents that you have the knowledge and confidence to use. Products such as dressings and big plasters are great for covering any exposed wounds, Instant Ice packs in the larger kits are perfect for applying to a knock, twist or turn but remember to not apply directly to skin, wrap in a sock if you have nothing else to hand! All contents are available for restocking.

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