Elastic Adhesive (EAB) and Tear Light Tapes

Elastic adhesive bandage (also known as EAB) is an elastic cotton bandage with an adhesive surface so it will stick to the skin as well as itself. To distinguish between tapes easily this material is a woven t-shirt type cotton so is not hand tearable and requires scissors. The standard EAB tends to be an off white colour and the 5cm and above usually have an orange coloured stripe in the centre. This is for joint wrapping so you get a really even overlap. As with a lot of the adhesive tapes the higher the price, the higher the quality, this could be the strength of the adhesivness, the edge of the tape to prevent fraying or the type of unwind, better quality offers a smoother unwind for ease and quality of application. The Tear Light Tape has similar properties with the slight stretch but the woven material is a lot lighter and is able to be torn by hand. It is used in a variety of sports taping applications, especially where flexible support is needed or around muscles which expand during exercise.

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